Spicy Fusion: Aab and Hot Wings

April 21, 2017

Check this out:

Last night, we made two dishes.  Aab, a Thai dish, is originally fish grilled with curry paste, green onions and Thai basil all wrapped in banana leaves.  For our version, we used flounder (which was the firmest fish offered yesterday), made our own curry paste, chopped up green onions and cilantro, and wrapped them in corn husks.  We then wrapped them in foil and stuck them in the oven (we did not have enough coal to start the grill).  The product is always a juicy and spicy fish that is served well with rice.

Brad made his own buffalo sauce for his homemade buffalo wings.  He first breaded the wings and fried them in a wok.  On the side, he made his own buffalo sauce which included hot sauce, Worcestershire sauce, butter, and other secret ingredients.  As he was frying away, the sauce simmered into a thick, goopy sauce that would then be poured over the fried wings.

This dinner was a mix of two completely different dishes.  Although they were different, they both had one common trait: spicy.  And if you have not noticed yet, we LIVE for spicy food.

Sweat on,

R & B




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