Filipino Comfort Food (ft. NeNa’s Oriental Market)

May 6, 2017

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In this post, we would like to share two dishes that we had over two nights.  Both are delicious Filipino dishes.

The first is a dish called ampalaya, which means bitter melon.  Bitter melon tastes what it sounds like: bitter.  But it is a natural and savory sour that if you do not like at first, you will slowly fall in love with it.  The dish pictured is a stir fry of ground beef, onions, garlic, and ampalaya.  If you are a beginner at eating bitter melon, we recommend a couple of eggs scrambled into the stir fry to ease out the sour (but not completely).  This dish is inspired by a comfort dish that Rose’s grandma would make for her family.  Her granddad grows them in his own garden as well!

The second dish is a combination of many Filipino dishes.  Pictured, the fried fish is called bangus. Bangus is baby milkfish that is split in half and then flattened.  The specific kind that we get is already packed in with a vinegar marinade.  To accompany the fish, we ordered dinuguan and pinakbet.  Both are made by the talented cooks at NeNa’s Oriental Market located in Southern Maryland.  The dinuguan has pork meat in it with a special sauce, and the pinakbet consists of all types of vegetables (including bitter melon) simmered in coconut milk.

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