Washington, D.C. Day Trip (#1)

May 10, 2017

Check these places out:

Yesterday, we took a day trip into the city.  We went to two different restaurants: one is a favorite of ours, and the other was a new experience for us!  In addition to eating, we were able to check out the recently opened National Museum of African American History and Culture.

We first took the metro into Dupont Circle to head towards Adams Morgan.  There, we always love going to Amsterdams Falafel.  We decided to get small falafel on white peta.  This came with three pieces of delicious and juicy falafel.  After receiving your order, you have endless free toppings of hummus, vegetables, tzatziki, and various assorted relishes.  It’s a very clean and hip place to grab a bite, decent prices considering the area, and the workers are very nice and welcoming.

After we had our first fill, we headed towards Gallery Place to try out Poké Papa.  This restaurant is located right outside of Chinatown next to the Verizon Center.  This place is a fast-casual type of dining (similar to Chipotle and Shophouse).  We ordered the “onolicious” bowl with an addition of avocado.  We were very happy with this bowl because it was a very simple accompaniment to the rich and tasty poké.  The avocado was a nice touch to add to the creaminess of the whole bite.  We will definitely stop by again when we are in the area!

To end our trip, we traveled to the National Museum of African American History and Culture.  Here is a painting from the section they had on food and cuisine.  This awesome and informative museum offered different sections ranging from music, visual arts, sports, history, and entertainment.  Because this is still a new museum in the area, each visitor must acquire a ticket (free!) before entering.

Eat on,

R & B


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