Shanghai Taste

June 4, 2017

Check this restaurant out:

Yesterday, we treated ourselves to another visit to one of our favorite Chinese restaurants in the D.C. metro area.  Shanghai Tatse serves Shanghainese style Chinese cuisine.  They are most notable for their xiao long bao (pork soup dumplings). As pictured below, these delicious pockets of steamy flavors come in the traditional bamboo steamer baskets.  We obviously had to get TWO orders of xiao long bao because of how incredible they are.


In addition to the soup dumplings, we normally order a side of the fried string beans.  This savory dish comes with a bowl of rice.  It accompanies the soup dumplings well because of its crunchy texture and lightly seared coating of soy sauce and green onion.  Simple yet delightful in the mouth.


During this last visit, we tried two additional dishes that we love to order at other Chinese restaurants.  The first is scallion pancakes.  Originally, we received four slices of these fluffy and tasteful pancakes, but pictured is only two due to how excited I was while we were eagerly waiting for the arrival of this dish.

IMG_3291And the last dish pictured is an order of wontons in chili oil.  Yes, you read that correctly. Wontons in chili oil–a slippery dish that will all slide down non-stop after the first bite.


Located in Rockville, Maryland, this is a MUST STOP if you are craving Chinese food.  Perhaps after a hike in Great Falls, dining here will leave you comfortably fulfilled.  We highly recommend ordering the xiao long bao (pork soup dumplings) for that is what they are known best for.

Drool on,

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