Curry: College Edition

July 17, 2017

Check this out:

Yours truly graduated from college! To celebrate one of our last evenings on campus together, we decided to make a curry full of tastes that we love.  It took a good almost-an-hour long to make our own curry paste in our pokpok (another term for a mortar and pestle).  Our paste consisted of lots of garlic, hot chilies, turmeric, lemon grass, and other secret flavs of love.

We then cooked the paste down in coconut milk and added some chicken for our meat.  We also added a few vegetables to make our curry complete.  Luckily, we found Thai egg plants to add! (FACT: Cut the Thai egg plant before cooking it–leaving it cut and sitting in the open will leave it black).  Our curry would then be poured over a nice bowl of noodles.  But this time, we used the Ramen noodles from the Ramen packets.

Here are a few pictures of our final product.  We considered this as one of our BEST versions of curry paste that we’ve ever made.  We also have a short video to show the curry being stirred.


R & B


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