Clammin’ & Crabbin’

October 2, 2017

Check this out:

As fall is finally settling in, we must give an update on what are a couple of our favorite and memorable moments under the warm sun together.  In this post, we will share our experience of clamming (Rose’s first time!) off the coast of a small town in Virginia and crabbing off a dock in southern Maryland.

We visited Bradley’s grandparents, and a visit to their home is not complete without clamming in mud.

Here is a picture of us hunting, bending, and scraping for clams.  Despite the sun beaming down on us and the flies biting our skin, we (with help from Brad’s dad) managed to collect at least a hundred clams.  They all came in different shapes and sizes, but they were all equally delicious. Brad’s Mommom is superwoman in her kitchen, and she knows what she is doing when it comes to cooking seafood.  She steamed crabs, steamed the clams, and we were lucky enough to have a taste of her soft shell crabs. Poppy makes some of the best pancakes when you get hungry in the morning.

During one of the last weekends of “summer break” (I put that in quotes because we are no longer in school–WOW), we visited Brad’s family’s new home in southern Maryland.  Down there, we went crabbing!  Brad’s family had chicken legs that we would tie to the end of a rope with a weight, and we would let the chicken float tied to the dock.  And then we would wait until you felt a little extra weight on your string 😉 Here is a picture of our crabs after being steamed:

Summer with Brad’s family is an adventurous one with many new experiences.

Onto many more,

R & B


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