New York – The Bronx (Night 1)

October 10, 2017

Check this out:

After a long week at work, we decided to spend our three day weekend in New York.  Specifically, we wanted to visit the Bronx and Queens.  Thankfully, we have a family friend who resides in the Bronx who was thoughtful enough to let us stay with them.

Bradley, always the ambitious and brave one, drove us into the city from our home state.  And he did it effortlessly.  We were lucky enough to drive into the city at the right time to see the beautiful city lights. Being in the area that we stayed in, we had to cross the 678 bridge that connected the Bronx to Queens.  Here is a picture of the view of Manhattan:

Upon arriving, we were hungry (when are we not?!).  Planning ahead, we knew we wanted something typical: a New York pizza.  Emilio’s is a spot that is walking distance from our friend’s home, and it was the right spot for that night.  We ordered the thin crust margherita pizza with pepperoni on top.  After pulling it out of the oven, the chefs in the back sprinkled our pizza with strips of basil.  It was greasy and crispy at the edge; who could ask for anything better?

In addition to the pizza, we ordered a chicken parmesan hero.  For those who do not know, a hero is another name for a sub sannich — long piece of loaf split in the middle filled with delicious wonders.

These two dishes were a perfect start to a wonderful weekend.  And it was just enough of an appetizer for what lays ahead in the weekend.

Come back for more,

R & B


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