New York – Queens International Night Market (Night 2)

November 12, 2017

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After our long day in Flushing, we decided to spend our night at the Queens International Night Market. This is a night market that occurs every Saturday night in Flushing Meadows Corona Park. On this particular night, it was filled with vendors of foods of all types of cultures.

There is parking all throughout the park, and there are many things to see besides the night market.  As you stroll through the park, there are baseball fields, volleyball nets, a little carnival area, the famous Unisphere, and the National Tennis Center.  What really amazed us was this addition of nets surrounding the Unisphere that could be turned into a hammock or simply something to sit on.  If you are not familiar with the Unisphere, here is a picture of us in front of it:

The vendors that we visited were all delicious in different ways.  The first was Grilla in Manila.

Specifically focused on Filipino food, we stopped here to try the longanisa burger.  The burger is served with a fried egg and chicharrón on the side.  Nice and filling meal, and the servers gave us extra spicy vinegar sauce over our chicharrón.  Here is a quick pic before the bite:

The second stop was Taste Station NYC, another Filipino stop.

Here, we ordered pork belly topped over rice with a side of vegetables (Rose’s favorite meal of the night).  Surprisingly, they also served fish balls!  It was awesome that this vendor served these because where else in the United States could you find these?!  We had to get an order of that.  Usually, fish balls are served with a vinegar sauce (which they unfortunately did not have), but I am thankful that these chefs were sharing this delight with the people of Queens. Here are the pictures of those meals:

The last vendor we stopped at was a Mexican tent called Comida Típica Mexicana (typical Mexican food).  Brad ordered tacos here, and they were delicious and freshly made.  The tent is pictured first on this post while here is a picture of his tacos:

This was an awesome and surprise of a night suggested by our friend, Joseph.  Joseph ordered other foods, like the well-known potato butterfly sticks and some sweet desserts.  In addition to the food, we got a “bad drawing” of us done by a local artist named Miguel Fernandez.  Here is the result of our picture from that night:

Miguel was a fun artist, and his other work that was displayed at his tent were remarkable. Forever thankful for sharing that moment with him, we wish him all the luck as he endeavors more into his artistic career.  Below are the links to see the type of art he makes:

Instagram: @arte_miguel


That’s all for now, folks! We apologize for uploading these posts in a not-consistent, staggered manner; but we have plenty more content to share with you!

Stay tuned,

R & B


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